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PET Containers SpK-95

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A new solution — offset printing up to 8 colors! for the growing food-to-go segment

New line of premium PET containers presents your product to the consumer most effectively.


  • Excellent transparency, innovative modern design
  • Possibility of printing with your logo or any other information
  • Possibility of sealing
  • Barrier and preservation of freshness and taste characteristics of the product 
Name Material Color Volume, ml Dimensions, mm Box Dimensions, mm Packing, pcs.
1 SpK-95-200 PET transparent 200 ml d94.8 mm, h54 m 500х390х480 mm 1000 (20p*50 pcs)
2 SpK-95-250 PET transparent 250 ml d94.8 mm, h65,5 mm 500х390х480 mm 1000 (20p*50 pcs)
3 SpK-95-350 PET transparent 350 ml d94.8 mm, h90 mm 500х390х480 mm 1000 (20p*50 pcs)
4 SpK-95K(A) PET transparent d99 mm, h13,3 mm 410х290х520 mm 1000 (20p*50 pcs)
PET Containers SpK-95