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PET Package for Pastries

Improved lock design and knuckle line ensure comfortable multiple opening. PET rigidness and elasticity, as well as wonderful shine and transparency allow gentle and effective carrying of the dessert.

PET is a perfect packaging material for confectionary products:

  • Fat resistance ensures safety of contact with the product and makes it needless to use the expensive serviette,
  • Barrier properties expand the storage life and preserve taste qualities,
  • Low temperature resistance (up to -60°С!) ensures long distance delivery and expansion of sales geography.
Name Material Color Volume, ml Dimensions, mm Box Dimensions, mm Packing, pcs.
1 Correx for Pastries Variety pack SpK-26 polyethyleneterephthalate Transparent 256*150*60 mm 540*260*620 mm 300 pcs.
2 Correx for clairs SpK-26-5 polyethyleneterephthalate Transparent 256*150*49 mm 540*260*620 mm 400 pcs.
3 Package for Pasties polyethyleneterephthalate Transparent External 240*120*62 mm, internal 212*92*50 mm 400 pcs.
PET Package for Pastries