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Containers for Hot Dishes К-138

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We present the new line of polypropylene containers K-138.


  • original design will draw customer’s attention and position the product advan- tageously on the shelf;
  • polypropylene is safe for hot products and repeated microwave heating;
  • airtightness will help to save the product and avoid any leakages at storage and delivery;
  • can be used for both ready-made dish- es or semi-finished products for further heating;
  • possible ways of use include sealing, use for automatic lines, pasteurization and sterilization.


Name Material Color Volume, ml Dimensions, mm Box Dimensions, mm Packing, pcs.
1 K-138-250 PP transparent, black 250 ml 139*104,5*35,2 mm 525*300*475 mm 500 (50*10)
2 K-138-375 PP transparent, black 375 ml 139*104,5*50,5 mm 525*300*475 mm 500 (50*10)
3 K-138-500 PP transparent, black 500 ml 139*104,4*35,2 mm 525*300*475 mm 500 (50*10)
4 K-138K Container lid PP transparent - 137*102,5*13,6 mm 410*230*565 mm 500 (50*10)
Containers for Hot Dishes К-138