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K-144 Sealed Containers

A new line of stylish and functional K-144 containers will make meals both comfortable and pleasant.

  • Reliable sealing preserves the product and excludes any leakages during storage and delivery,
  • Polypropylene is safe for hot products and repeated microwave heating,
  • Stylish design will draw customer’s attention and position the product advantageously on the shelf,
  • Can be used for both ready-made dishes and semi-finished products for further heating,
  • Possible ways of use include sealing, use for automatic lines, pasteurization and sterilization,
  • Smooth surfaces allow printing information about your company and product (label, sticker, stamp).

Name Material Color Volume, ml Dimensions, mm Box Dimensions, mm Packing, pcs.
1 K-144-500 PP Black 500 D144 mm, Н – 59 mm 450*320*410 mm 300 ( 50*6 )
2 K-144-750 PP Black 750 D144 mm, Н – 83,6 mm 450*320*410 mm 300 ( 50*6 )
3 K-144K PP Transparent D 144 mm, Н – 17 mm 450*320*410 mm 300 ( 50*6 )
K-144 Sealed Containers
K-144 sealed containers for hot dishes for HORECA industry, manufacturers and retail.