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Multi-purpose containers К-107

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A new line of PP containers K-107 is intended for dynamically growing segment — delivery ready meals and for food production.


  • Elegant design
  • Size is ideal for individual meals
  • Polypropylene is safe for hot products and reheating in microwave
  • Reliable tightness preserves the product and excludes leaks during storage-delivery Possible sealing, use on automatic lines, pasteurization and sterilization 
Name Material Color Volume, ml Dimensions, mm Box Dimensions, mm Packing, pcs.
1 K-107-250 PP transparent, black 250 ml 110х83,5х40 mm 435х240х470 mm 500 (10p*50 pcs)
2 K-107-350 PP transparent, black 350 ml 110х83,5х58,5 mm 435х240х470 mm 500 (10p*50 pcs)
3 K-107-500 PP transparent, black 500 ml 110х83,5х88,5 mm 435х240х470 mm 500 (10p*50 pcs)
4 К-107К PP transparent 114х87,5х7,2 mm 450х240х405 mm 500 (10p*50 psc)
Multi-purpose containers К-107