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Multi-purpose containers K-95

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Available exclusively for custom printing

Multi-purpose  PP container is designed for packing, storing and transporting both dairy products (sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese), and for cooking, salads, desserts, snacks.

Can be used with or without a lid.

We can decorate the container K-95 by offset printing (up to 8 colors) or shrink label.

On the possibilities of decoration, see the section Packaging with a seal


Name Material Color Volume, ml Dimensions, mm Box Dimensions, mm Packing, pcs.
1 K-95-200 PP transparent, white 200 D 95 mm, H 60 mm 485*375*395 500 (25*50) pcs
2 K-95-250 PP transparent, white 250 D 95 mm, H 67 mm 485*375*395 500 (25*50) pcs
3 К-95-400 PP transparent, white 400 D 95 mm, H 100 mm 485*375*395 500 (25*50) pcs
4 K-95-500 PP transparent, white 500 D 95 mm, H 126 mm 485*375*395 500 (25*50) pcs
Multi-purpose containers K-95